STEPScope TDR_BitWise 최강 TDR 측정 장비

  • Compact
  • 동급 최강 성능
  • 동급 최저 비용
  • TDR/TDT & S-PARA 측정
  • Compact TDR/TDT Solution including Integrated Pulser and Sampler
  • 20 psec Edge Rate (10/90) - 동급 최고 사양
  • 20 GHz Bandwidth - 동급 최고 사양
  • Fast Averaged Waveform Capture and Download
  • Single-ended or Differential
  • Option Return Loss (S11) and Insertion Loss (S21) S-Parameter Measurements
  • Use Two STEPScopeTM for Through-channel TDT and Insertion Loss (S21) Applications
  • DC voltage outputs for Convenient Powered Component Testing