*I2S Electrical, Audio and Protocol Testing Software ▼
Comprehensive I2S Electrical, Audio and Protocol Testing Software
Engineers designing hardware and firmware for I2S are constantly seeking ways to differentiate their designs. Often times, they need a single tool to cross-examine the protocol layer and the Physical layer while verifying the audio performance.
The I2S Electrical, Audio and Protocol testing Software offers unprecedented cross-layer analysis tools and automation to improve quality and productivity while managing your schedules.




-> A single tool for physical, protocol, and audio analysis helps to cross examine the electrical, protocol, and audio layers.
-> Industry’s first and best Penta monitor (Spectrogram monitor, Audio monitor, Protocol monitor, Signal monitor and Eye diagram monitor) provides flexibility in analyzing the digital and analog audio data in a single window.
-> Cross linking of spectrogram, audio waveform, protocol data and analog physical layer signal, and eye diagram helps to identify the problem quickly.
-> Support for I2S, Left Justified and Right Justified.
-> Wide range of automated timing measurements as per I2S standards helps to test compliance to I2S standard timing specification.
-> Sophisticated protocol- and timing-based I2S triggering quickly to pinpoint the symptoms*1.
-> Oscilloscope setup assistant automatically performs oscilloscope setup to obtain accurate and reliable measurements.
-> Bus diagram and overlay of protocol data on analog waveform in a signal monitor.
Unprecedented “Search” capabilities locate unique events in thousands of protocol data.
-> Ability to play and store the uncompressed I2S waveform.
-> Comprehensive and customizable report generation.
-> Ability to export the analyzed data to .wav, Matlab, csv and txt file formats for advanced analysis.