*PDU-R UART/RS232C Protocol Decode Software ▼
PDU-R UART/RS232 Protocol decode software with Tektronix make windows based DPO5000/7000/70000 series oscilloscope helps in trigger on content of UART/RS232 signals and decode the signal content in hex, binary, ASCII, decimal format. PDU-R with DPO70000/DSA70000 high bandwidth oscilloscope series can be used to debug the UART/RS232 serial buses. This enables designer to use DPO/DSA70000 series oscilloscope for debugging of UART/RS232C signals along with high speed designs SATA/DDR/HDMI/FBDIMM/PCI-E and so forth.




-> Converts time domain waveform information into data domain, and displays the contents in UART/RS232C message format.
-> Simultaneous waveform and decoded data display in a single window allows efficient debugging.
-> Ability to link any UART/RS232C frame to the waveform, allows efficient analysis of UART/RS232 communication.
-> Ability to zoom the waveform for any of the decoded data allows engineers to note analog characteristics of the waveform.
-> The detailed view overlays the binary data on the waveform for selected UART/RS232 data
-> Flexibility to view the decoded data in hex, binary, decimal and ASCII format.
-> Search function helps in quickly locating the specific data in thousands of decoded UART/RS232 messages.
-> Time stamp with reference to trigger position allows engineers know the timing of data from the trigger position.
-> Offline analysis with the Ref waveforms, .wfm (Tektronix oscilloscope’s internal waveform file format) and .csv files
-> Capability to save the decoded messages in CSV format.