*PGY-SSIC MIPI-SSIC Protocol Analysis Software ▼
PGY-SSIC MIPI-SSIC Protocol Analysis Software is the oscilloscope-based protocol analysis tool for SSIC serial bus using live and saved oscilloscope signals. PGY-SSIC Software gives insight of SSIC signals from electrical waveform to protocol packet details. This software runs inside Tektronix oscilloscopes.




-> Simultaneous display of protocol packet data with detail frame information in tree structure format and correlating with electrical waveform for easy debug
-> Overlaying decoded data bits on waveform for PWM and HS signals for easy understanding of signal transition
-> Protocol view provides time synchronized protocol activities between TX and RX lanes with timing info and direction of protocol events
-> Protocol view provides messaging in bit pattern for easy interpretation
-> Protocol view provides symbol details and its 8bit and 10bit values
-> Flexibility to view 8B/10B decoded data in bus diagram
-> Real-time protocol aware trigger enables acquiring signals at specific protocol event
-> Flexibility to filter out sync, com, idle and skip states in decoded data allowing user to focus on main protocol events
-> Markers M1 and M2 in detail views allow easy timing measurements
-> Software seamlessly integrates with Tektronix windows based oscilloscope and supports protocol analysis using live data from oscilloscope
-> Search and filter capabilities to locate protocol event
-> Long duration data decode support to capture more numbers of events
-> Offline analysis capabilities using WFM files
-> Documentation by exporting data in CSV and TXT file format