*PGY-RFFE Protocol Trigger and Decode Analysis Software ▼
In an emerging technology, engineers test and debug UniPRO/LLI/UFS designs with easy-to-use instruments such as oscilloscopes. But oscilloscopes normally provide extensive details about electrical characteristics of the signal. But engineers need more information such as protocol content at different protocol layer. Manually interpreting the protocol layer information using oscilloscope data is time consuming and prone to human error.
The PGY-UPRO/LLI/UFS Protocol Decode Software offers extensive protocol decoding for MIPI-MPHY-UniPRO, LLI, and UFS protocol standards. This software offers Real-time hardware based UniPRO/UFS Protocol aware trigger for PWM, NRZ and 8B/10B data type. Now design and test engineers can automatically make accurate and reliable decode of multi-lane UniPRO/LLI/UFS using PGY-UPro/LLI/UFS software using data acquired by Tektronix, DPO/DSA/MSO70000 oscilloscope series to reduce the development and test cycle.




-> RFFE protocol Analysis using oscilloscope live channel data or stored RFFE signals
-> Powerful RFFE real-time protocol aware hardware based trigger capabilities
-> Displays the decoded data in RFFE frame format
-> Error checks for parity bits of command and data
-> Error checks for Byte count with actual data count and missing SSC
-> Flexibility to view Slave ID in Symbol or Hex value
-> Flexibility to view decoded data in hex, binary, Decimal or octal format
-> Long duration data decode support to capture more number of RRFE protocol transactions
-> Search capabilities to locate protocol event
-> Filter capabilities to view information of Interest
-> Documentation by exporting data in CSV and TXT file format
-> Report Generation