*PGY-JTAG IEEE 1149.1 JTAG Protocol Decode Software ▼
The industry’s first Oscilloscope based TEK-PGY-MHL/HDMI Protocol Analysis software lets you see every event in the MHL/HDMI stream from MHL/HDMI frame to physical layer analog signals which conventional protocol analyzer can not show.





-> Automated electrical measurements as specified in Rev 3 June 2007 I2C Bus specification documentation.
-> Supports electrical measurement for standard, fast, fast plus and high-speed with limit comparison
-> Decodes standard, fast, fast plus and high-speed I2C signals for easy understanding of protocol between master and slave component.
-> Links the protocol content to the electrical signal in the oscilloscope for easy understanding of the electrical characteristics of the protocol.
-> Overlays the protocol data on analog waveform in a bus diagram window.
-> Zooms the selected I2C packet content in the decode table in the bus diagram display for easy analysis of electrical characteristics of the I2C frame.
-> Color codes protocol content for easy analysis.
-> Search capabilities to locate unique events in thousands of protocol data.
-> Ability to view protocol decode data in hexadecimal, decimal, binary, octal, and ASCII formats.
-> Ability to store the I2C protocol data in CSV and txt format.
-> Utility features like zoom, undo, and fit screen for easy debugging while correlating the protocol data to the waveform.
-> Report generation in html format.
-> Supports wfm and isf file formats for offline analysis.