*TEK-PGY-MHL/HDMI Protocol Analysis Software ▼
Comprehensive MHL/HDMI Protocol Analysis Software
The industry’s first Oscilloscope based TEK-PGY-MHL/HDMI Protocol Analysis software lets you see every event in the MHL/HDMI stream from MHL/HDMI frame to physical layer analog signals which conventional protocol analyzer can not show. TEK-PGY-MHL/HDMI Protocol Analyzer software performs the MHL/HDMI protocol compliance tests as per MHL CTS 2.0 and HDMI CTS 1.4a. It provides unmatched flexibility in analyzing, debugging, and correlating the test results from MHL/HDMI Frame to physical layer analog waveforms to address the MHL/HDMI design challenges. For efficient debugging, TEK-PGY-MHL/HDMI software provides unique multi viewer which comprises of frame summary viewer, frame viewer, bus viewer, Protocol viewer, Data Island viewer and Event and test results viewer. Automatic cross-linking between all these viewers enables you to see and correlate the data in different parts of the MHL/HDMI protocol stack
TEK-PGY-MHL/HDMI protocol analysis software along with Tektronix physical layer compliance test solutions and Industry leading Tektronix high performance oscilloscope offers a single box solution for physical and protocol layer testing.




-> Industry’s first MHL/HDMI Protocol analysis software offers in-depth visibility from physical layer to video frames with unmatched data correlation between all the layers of MHL/HDMI protocol.
-> Transforms the general purpose oscilloscope into sophisticated MHL/HDMI Protocol Analyzer.
-> Debugging and troubleshooting made easy by cross-correlating the MHL/HDMI protocol data using frame summary viewer, frame viewer, Bus viewer, data packet and event viewers.
-> Frame summary view helps to quickly locate error frames for detailed analysis.
-> The Frame Viewer helps to view the transmitted frame with color coded MHL/HDMI operating modes as per the specification and eliminates the need of a Sink device in MHL/HDMI test setup by reproducing transmitted image in Oscilloscope display.
-> Bus viewer with the Physical layer analog waveforms offers unmatched flexibility in correlating protocol errors with physical layer.
-> The Protocol Viewer displays the tabular view of protocol information with decoded values
-> The Event Viewer lists detailed protocol errors and events in the MHL/HDMI compliance tests to quickly locate the protocol failures.
-> Raw and detailed packet information in the Data packet viewer helps to identify the problems in Data Island periods.
-> Supports 24, 30, 36, and 48 bits per video pixel for HDMI and 24 bits per pixel for MHL.
-> Oscilloscope setup assistant automatically sets up the oscilloscope to obtain accurate and reliable test results.
-> Performs the protocol Tests as per the MHL Compliance Test specification 2.0, HDMI Compliance Test specification 1.4a and displays quick Pass/Fail results.
-> Conforms to HDMI Specification 1.4a and MHL Specification 2.0.
-> Supports Oscilloscope live channels, Tektronix .wfm waveform files and .bin (P/A/V file format of HDMI Capture card) files.
-> Generates comprehensive and customizable reports.
-> Ability to export the analyzed data to .bmp, txt, csv, .bin (P/A/V File format) for advanced analysis.