100BaseT1 Automotive Ethernet Protocol Analyzer

Prodigy Technovations PGY-100BASET1 Automotive Ethernet Protocol Analyzer provides passive tapping of 100BaseT1 Bus. Powerful layer 2 to layer 7 protocol layer trigger capabilities with flexibility to capture protocol activity over long period of time makes it easy to debug 100BaseT1 designs.

Automotive Ethernet interface scales up to address current and future needs of in-vehicle bus speed requirement. Need for higher speed in-vehicle bus is increasing to support feature-rich ADAS and connected vehicle needs. Two wire full duplex 100BASET1 PAM3 signaling is the choice of interface bus to address these needs. But 100BASET1 bus is difficult to non-intrusively access at physical layer for protocol analysis. Active tapping of 100BaseT1 adds Latency and buffering limitation and may not provide real world timing and protocol layer information to debug the design problems. Oscilloscope based Protocol decode solutions has limitations in buffer size and makes it difficult to use in real world applications due to the low 100BaseT1 bus utilizations.

Prodigy Technovations 100BaseT1 Automotive Ethernet Protocol Analyzer provides industry first solution for non-intrusively passive tap the 100BaseT1 bus at physical layer and ensure no latency and accurate capturing of protocol data. Powerful basic and multi-level layer 2 to layer 7 protocol trigger capabilities enables design engineer capture protocol activity at specific event. PGY-100BaseT1-PA supports continuous streaming of captured protocol data to host computer SSD/HDD enabling long duration capture.

  • Protocol decode and Analysis of 100BaseT1 Bus
  • Passive Tapping allows non-intrusive method of monitoring 100BaseT1 Bus
  • Powerful multi-layer protocol layer trigger capabilities enable capturing data at specific
  • Decoding of T10 Sleep and Wakeup events of master and slave
  • Continuous streaming of protocol activity SSD/HDD enables long duration capture of
    protocol data
  • Simultaneously monitoring of 100BaseT1 and MDIO/MDC protocol Activity
  • Live protocol decode capabilities allows you to view the protocol information while test case
    actively running in DUT
  • Analytics feature provides statistical information of Protocol packets
  • FCS error report helps in monitoring the protocol errors
  • Simplified Protocol listing view with search and filter capabilities is easy to use
  • Software and firmware is field upgradable
  • Report Generation.
Automotive Ethernet Analyzer Test Setup:

PGY-100BaseT1-PA sniffs the automotive Ethernet bus and monitors the protocol activity between the Master and Slave ECU. Simultaneously monitoring of MDIO and MDC lines and correlating with 100BaseT1 protocol activity helps easy debugging the design problems. Auto Ethernet Analyzer unit will extract bit values from full duplex PAM3 signal using patent pending solution. Host computer
manages the operation of analyzer unit, stores and analyzes the acquired data. Passive tapping of 100basT1 bus ensures least latency in acquiring the data making this solution is an industry first passive tap patent pending solution.

Powerful Trigger capabilities:

PGY-100BaseT1-PA supports industry best protocol layer trigger capabilities. User can define trigger condition at Layer 2 to layer 7. Advanced multilayer trigger featured with If-then-else if allows design engineer to monitor more than one trigger condition at same time.

Trigger Conditions:
Protocol Layer Packet Type Description
Layer 2 Ethernet Type Mac Destination Address
Mac Source Destination
Layer 3 IPv4 Source IP Address
Destination IP Address
Fragment offset
Total Length
IPv6 Destination IP Address
Source IP Address
Payload length
HOP length
Traffic Class Flow label
Layer 4 TCP Source Port
Destination Port
Sequence Number
Data off
Window Size
Check Sum
UDP Source Port
Destination Port
ICMP Rest of header
Layer 5 Some IP Service ID
Message ID
Protocol Analysis

Ethernet is one of the oldest protocol widely used protocol for many applications. Design engineers are used to view and analyze the protocol data in specific format. PGY-100BaseT1-PA Protocol Analyzer software maintains the traditional views and provides advanced analysis capabilities. Live decoding capability provides decoding with any FCS error packets.

Analytics of Protocol data

Analyzing Protocol data to identifying the design issues is a challenging task in millions of protocol packets. PGY-100baseT1-PA provides statistical information about each layer packet count and error packets. This simplifies process of isolating the errors to specific protocol packets or protocol layer. Powerful expression based search capabilities quickly helps in locating packet of interest in the acquired entire protocol data for further analysis.

Hardware Features
Port 100BaseT1 port -1
MDC/MDIO Analysis Port
Device Capabilities Auto Ethernet Analyzer
MDC /MDIO Analyzer
Auto Ethernet Analyzer Configuration Master & Slave channels (Interchangeable)
Protocol Listing Protocol View
Protocol View Description
Analytic View
Plot View
Trigger View
Capture Duration Long Capture
Others Search on Packet
Report with Protocol Listing.