USB 2.0

*PGY-USB2.0 Protocol Decode Software ▼
Comprehensive USB2.0 Protocol Decode Testing
Engineers designing hardware and firmware for the USB2.0 protocol are constantly seeking ways to debug their designs with easy-to-use instruments such as oscilloscopes. Often, they need a single tool or instrument to cross-examine the protocol layer and the PHY layer to debug the designs.
The PGY-USB USB2.0 Protocol Decode Software offers low speed, full speed, and high speed protocol decoding of the data acquired by Tektronix Windows-based oscilloscopes. With PGY-USB engineers can debug the USB2.0 physical and protocol layer problems using Tektronix Windows-based oscilloscopes such as the TDS7000B, DPO7000B, DPO/DSA/MSO70000 oscilloscope series.




-> Decodes the low speed, full speed, and high speed USB 2.0 signals for easy understanding of protocol between host and device
-> Links the protocol content to the physical layer signal in the oscilloscope for easy understanding of the electrical characteristics of the protocol
-> Overlays the protocol data on analog waveform in a bus diagram wind
-> The USB packet selected in the decode table is zoomed in the bus diagram for easy analysis of electrical characteristics of the USB packet
-> Color coding of protocol content for easy analysis
-> Search capabilities to locate unique events in thousands of protocol data
-> Ability to view the decoded protocol data in various formats such as hexadecimal, decimal, binary, octal, and ASCII.
-> Ability to store the USB protocol data in CSV and txt format
-> Utilities such as zoom, undo, and fit screen helps in debugging while correlating the protocol data to the waveform
-> Export and Report generation features make sharing and archival of protocol data a trivial activity.
-> Supports wfm and isf file formats for offline analysis