Signal Explorer

*PGY-JTAG IEEE 1149.1 JTAG Protocol Decode Software ▼
PGY-SE Signal Explorer software is an efficient offiine signal analysis tool that runs in any Windows-based system. It provides offiine oscilloscope capabilities in the computer. It quickly enables signal analysis by showing time domain plots with powerful zoom features, electrical measurements and responsive performance for signals captured in long record lengths.
The industry’s first software that creates an integrated trend plot of measurements makes PGY-SE the most suitable tool for debugging designs. Correlating the trend plot data to the time domain plot using markers makes it easy to use. Long record length data can be easily analyzed by zooming to specific sections of the signal in the long memory. The trend plot of electrical measurements enables viewing deviations in any electrical parameter in the acquired data.
The marker placements to correlate trend plot data points to the time domain plot reduces debug time and identifies signal anomalies in the signal with ease. Standard protocol decoding capabilities for I2C, SPI, and UART as standard features allow the analysis of signals for protocol problems in design. The bus diagram and list view then correlate the protocol layer info to the Physical layer to isolate the design problems.




-> Offline time domain analysis of signals captured by the oscilloscope
-> No oscilloscope hardware dependency while analyzing signals
-> Efficient debugging options for design/validation engineers
-> Easy to use for analyzing long record length data
-> Easy analysis of signals and protocol problems with support for protocol decode
-> Remote connection to oscilloscope using LAN/USB interface
-> Import the waveform data either over LAN/USB or transferring it using USB pendrive
-> Trend plot provides deep insight into signals
-> Correlating trend plot data to the time domain improves analysis capability
-> Powerful zoom capability enhances search for anomaly in waveforms
-> Convenient cursor based measurements with vertical and horizontal cursors