*PGY-HSIC Protocol Trigger and Decode Analysis Software ▼
High Speed Inter Chip (HSIC) Protocol is being adopted very fast in electronic design industry. Engineers designing HSIC interface are finding extremely difficult to debug this serial bus by manually going through the serial NRZI electrical signals in oscilloscope and locate the problems. PGY-HSIC Protocol Trigger and Decode Analysis software allows HSIC Protocol aware real-time hardware based trigger to capture HSIC signals, decode and analyze it for any errors, bus status condition, correlate protocol level information with electrical signals.
PGY-HSIC Software runs inside Tektronix Make oscilloscopes such as DPO/MSO5000, DPO7000 and DPO/DSA/MSO70000 oscilloscope series. PGY-HSIC utilizes the hardware based real-time serial pattern trigger, long acquisition record length up to 125MB to provide superior HSIC Protocol Analysis Solution.




-> HSIC protocol decode using either data signal or both data and strobe signals
-> Powerful HSIC Protocol Aware trigger capabilities
-> Error checks for CRC errors, data packet byte count errors; Invalid PID, End of packet; packet length, PID byte mismatch
-> Protocol decode supports decode of bus status condition such as idle, suspend, reset
-> Bus diagram display of Protocol packet along with electrical waveform
-> Long duration data decode support to capture more number of HSIC events
-> Protocol analysis using live channel data as well as stored files
-> Search capabilities to locate protocol event
-> Filter view enables viewing packets of interest in hundreds of HSIC packets
-> Filter capabilities to view only information of Interest
-> Documentation by exporting data in CSV and TXT file format
-> Report Generation