*PGY-DGRF DigRF v4 Protocol Analysis Software ▼
PGY-DGRF DigRF v4 Protocol Analysis Software is the oscilloscope based tool available that provides a merging of data lanes for seamless view of Protocol representation for the transmitted DigRF v4 frames (HS-Burst/Sys-Burst) on multilane implementation.
Design and test engineers can automatically make accurate and reliable decode of multi-lane DigRF v4 protocol, protocol validation and debug the designs by correlating upper layer protocol info with electrical waveforms using PGY-DGRF software.




-> Automated frame detail as per the DigRF v4 standard
-> Automated Frame listing and frame description provides comprehensive protocol layer information
-> Software automatically identifies the operating mode and link rate for hassle free protocol analysis
-> Automated error check for HS-Burst/Sys-Burst in High Speed Mode and Low Speed mode
-> Automated merged lane representation for multi lane decoded data
-> Automated oscilloscope setup assistance for data captures
-> Protocol view lists the protocol frame activities in tree structure and tabulated form to assist designers to know the header and payload details for each HS-Burst/SYS-Burst
-> Protocol test checks for CRC, SOF, EOF violation
-> Software seamlessly integrates with Tektronix windows based oscilloscope and supports signal analysis using live channels of oscilloscope
-> Search and filter capabilities to locate protocol event
-> Long duration data decode support to capture more numbers of events
-> Offline analysis capabilities using WFM files
-> Documentation by exporting data in CSV and TXT file format
-> Report generation in PDF format